an ocean of independance.

You may have put the cuffs on me but I willingly put my hands behind my back
You put the lock on it but never forget that I will always hold the keys
I was full and complete before you but when we are together we hold a power thats stronger than the both of us.
I will never be incomplete without you, I don’t need my empty spaces filled I need the unknown knowledge to be taught to me.
My eyes are always open and ready for you to teach me something new.
But never be fooled that I am unaware or lack the knowledge because I am perfectly capable of being self taught.
You may walk in front of me but you are not the leader.
We will walk side by side for now on.
To teach one and another because like our love that continues to grow so will our minds.
Its our thoughts that dictate our every move but it’s our soul that hold the scars that aren’t shown on our flesh.
You may hold my hand but its your soul that is radiating heat upon my skin.
Your eyes that shine like the stars are really the looking glass that you’ve yet to notice holds your true desires.
I burn like a fire and stand tall like the forest but its the ocean that I control as I hold its power.
Do not doubt my waves because I have ruined homes as men have ruined my hopes.
As the earth crumbles beneath you it will be my waves that come crashing down and there will be no where for you to hide.
Do not under estimate a damaged heart but an old soul, i’ll always be independent but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to love.
I haven’t learned the full knowledge on what love really means.
We are all still learning.

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