i want to fold your laundry.

i want to make art for you.
i want you to be able to look at these paintings and see beyond them.
with their abstract colors blending together like our compatibility.
the dark blues that transition into the violent reds and deep purples
That represent how intense i feel about you.
the peek of the yellow that over power the grey to show that maybe everything will be alright
i want to separate your laundry from dark to light
Like art i wanna color coordinate your socks
from thread count to the different colors in the rainbow.
but just like laundry there’s heavy loads
just like art it always tells a story
It’s got me thinking
am i worthy?
am i strong enough?
to be there for you will never be an issue.
to be there for myself; how do you catch yourself when you’re falling in love?
to deny art is like saying the world is flat.
to ignore the beauty makes the world black and white
why would i want to live in a colorless world?
when i’m with you i see color.
without you i learned to still see the art around me.
there is so much to learn in this world that lacks the answers i feel I’ve been searching for;
but i find myself searching for the right questions to ask.
Without you i learned there’s art in me
Every inch of who i am.
i am my own art.
there are days i feel like failed art work but i have to remind myself
there is no such thing as ugly art because one day it will be another’s inspiration.
when am i gonna be yours?
i want to fold your laundry.
But I don’t want to be your laundry mat.
I want to make your coffee in the morning
but I’m not your local cafe
i want to show you i care
but i don’t wanna regret it
i want to make art for you.
be your personal museum the way you’re my personal muse.

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