purple stars.

The world is on fire and underwater at the same time.
There are more bullets shooting in the sky than there is stars,
Behind their closed eyes lays an image as black as the community that they fear.
Purple stars, they deserve a chance and shouldn’t have to prove who they are.
Shooting through the sky day or night maybe they wanna wear their hood.
ET he wore his hood to hide but even our beautiful stars didn’t get the chance to shine.
Did you know even when a star is dead its light still travels to earth?
Light years away but why could we keep our purple stars?
Hands up don’t shoot Aint nobody safe
The blue stars are slowly dimming the lights on others fates
Making our Purple stars fear who they are.
The blue boys won’t catch a case.
So now our purple stars are thousands of light years away.
Just like their dimming lights, their stories are slowly fading away with no action to take.

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