wandering stars.

I am a wanderer.
My mind is always wandering, I always find my attention being pulled elsewhere.
But my mind always gets caught in the stars. Every noise around me goes away as I look up into the stars and only wonder what it would be like to wander around space.

I often relate myself to being an alien, as if they dropped me off here on earth and I’m just waiting to be picked up. The reality of it is that I am just an astronaut silently floating around the galaxies with no sense of direction.

Every night I try and take in as much of the night sky that I can, we share our thoughts with one another. The stars are great listeners, they show me how beautiful they are and they keep my secrets. Every sunrise they go to rest but I’m reminded of those brown eyes and how they are my stars on earth. I just want to see how beautiful you are, I know you’re a wandering star.

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