brown eyes.

Brown eyes,

They’re so under appreciated.

You don’t realize how much they pull me in. 

They take me to a place that I’ve never been before.

It’s almost unrealistic, it’s not on earth.

Catching each ray of sunlight simultaneously as they catch my distant glances.

Golden sunsets glow, and I have to accept that is something you’ll never know.

They’re not just brown but amber.

Shades of gold hint beyond observable measures.

“why are you staring at me?”

How could I not?

As you stare off into the distance your eyes tell a story I have yet to finish,

I’m not quite sure if I have even started.

Your eyes are what draw me in and hold me close.

Why is this the hardest thing for me to put into words?

To write what you’re feeling when you don’t know what it is that you feel.




They’re something we are all born with

We see through them physically and spiritually

I’m not sure what you see when you look through them

But I know what I see when they look through me

I see endless wonders and unanswered questions

I see hopes and dreams.

Heartbreak and sorrow.

I see the beginning of a story but I wonder where it ends for I cant find the first page

“I’m not just a book you can read.”

Yes that’s very true

I’m not trying to read you I just want to know whats happening behind those eyes

Those deep amber eyes that I know so well.

But I don’t know them at all yet they’re so welcoming to me

I feel like they know me more than I know them.

It almost feels like a trap.

How can one think they’re boring when I feel the adventure that lies within them?

I search for them in the dark because for some reason when they look at me  I am instantly assured everything is okay for once.

When filled with anger I watch them search for a meaning…

A quick hint of doubt is caught in the moonlight.

I pull them in as they do to me hoping they feel the warmth they too give me.

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