11:13pm April 2nd

 it’s 2019 and I still miss you 

I still feel this burning yearn of energy for you. And you’ll never know and someday I’ll have to accept that? Maybe I already have?

But If so why won’t it stop? 

Then endless wonder, god damn it why do I miss you?

It’s been years and nothing’s been said. As it should be left alone. 

But do you miss me too? Do I sneak into your mind while you are silently minding your business and cause a cluster fuck of unrecognized emotions? 

Maybe  if we meet again you can tell me about Toronto. 

Maybe we can laugh about our past and be equally as blown away by each others accomplishments but never doubtful. 

Maybe I wished maybes never existed. 

What if 7 years ago never existed? 

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