I remember the smell of your skin when I walk away.

The feeling of your hands in my hair lingers, leaving waves of a tingling sensation.

Your grip on my jacket as you pull me in as if we physically can’t get any closer.

I breathe you in and taste your essence, I remember it all as if its branded into my memory.

I think to myself how it’s too good to be true but even if it is I never want to forget this.

The way your breathing picks up as I press myself into you. The feeling of your smile against mine as we fight with our tongues for whose in control.

These memories are slowly turning into something more and I know that. I forgot what it was like to be happy, to actually want to keep someone in my life. I forgot what it was like to not have to worry about keeping my walls up.

My walls are made for protection, reminding me to never forget what it feels like to get hurt.

What its like to question why you let your walls down in the first place.

I have to stay aware but I don’t have to resent.

I remember because I learned from it, I have to remember not to be so cold to those who show their love to me even if I’m scared. Its always the darkest before dawn and I think I’ve been living in the dark for too long. I’m not used to not wanting to run away, though every part of me screams that I should turn back now before I get hurt.

I don’t want to. For I fear I would regret it. I’m going to accomplish so much in this lifetime and right now at this moment, I want to do so with you by my side. You make me see things differently than I thought of viewing them before and I’m thankful for you. I can only hope that these memories I have will make space for the ones to come.

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