self worth.

“you’re not over him are you?” 

I am completely appalled by this question, only because I was over him 6 months before I left. Yet it’s been 2 years now and I guess I’m just not over how blinded I was and unaware of my self-worth. 

the cringe I felt when he touched me, the resent I felt when he looked at me, the anger I felt when he lied to me, and the bittersweet numbness when he slit his wrists right in front of me. Simply because the motive behind these actions were based on how I wanted to leave him. 

you see he had been cheating on me but that wasn’t where my anger stemmed from. It came from my soul, once I realized how drained it was. Once I realized my self-worth and how when I told him that he had the nerve to put his hands on me. 

you can change so much negativity in your life if you find your self-worth. Never let someone’s judgment cloud yours. Never worry more about someone’s mental health more than your own. 

I was over him before I left him, but I won’t get over how much someone has no issue abusing another mentally or physically. 

I guess I’m just not over realizing my self-worth and how I still have so much more to grow from.

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